About Us


  • To create awareness about health and hygiene
  • To develop a sense of respecting moral values, culture & heritage of the country
  • To develop scientific skills and creativity


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”– Nelson Mandela

The Indian Academy School is a co-educational English medium school established in the year 2009 affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) with a vision to create individuals who not only aim at learning facts but also train their minds to think. We aspire to develop an intellectual, creative, practical and co-operative school community which celebrates learning and inspire the students to develop a passion to contribute towards the society and leave the community and world better than they found it.

The school aims at providing quality education and brings out the strength of character, a spirit of philanthropy, and enables the students to stand on their own feet in the society. We facilitate ways and means to nurture a confident and courageous adult.


The children here learn by doing in a spacious, secure and well-equipped environment. Each child is paid special attention and is encouraged to grow and develop a positive self-image. The learning is motivated and extended by providing appropriate play activities and also a structured preparation for entering the junior school. The curriculum offers ample opportunities for intellectual growth and spontaneous & structured language development. The major objective is to create a loving and caring environment in which each child’s potential can be nurtured. The students are given exposure to various activities which includes Fancy dress, Celebration of festivals, Local excursion (to Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudhawaras) Hindi and English Poem Recitation, Storytelling, Music and Dance.


Junior wing is nurtured by interactive, practical and observational learning. The teachers devote individual attention to each child and foster a purposeful work ethic in a cheerful environment. The friendly atmosphere cultivates a high level of academic attainment by adopting the broad and balanced curriculum.  The students are encouraged to take pride not only in their academic achievements but also participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities which develop Logical and scientific temperament, democratic outlook, patience and emotional maturity, positive attitude, leadership qualities and commitment.


The senior school provides an environment that enhances the spirit of inquisitiveness with appropriate resources and facilities for the children to learn through educational excursions, workshops, well-furnished labs and hi-tech IT classes. The students are encouraged to participate in sports, quizzes, various celebrations, workshops and career counselling sessions which groom their personalities.


The House System at The Indian Academy gives an opportunity to the students of all the classes to come together and perform various activities and participate in several competitions thus encouraging team spirit and coordination among the students. Head of Student Council– Priya Negi School Captain– Riya Bisht School Vice-captain– Upasana Sharma Sports Captain- –Abhishek Sati Sports Prefect- –Ayushi Tomar   SUBHASH HOUSE House Motto- Self Determination, Courage & Sacrifice Captain-Sneha Mathani Prefect-Asmita Kotnala Teacher In-charge- Ms. Anuradha Aswal   VIVEKANAND HOUSE House Motto- Knowledge, Character & Wisdom Captain-Snigdha Rawat Prefect- Gargi Sharma Teacher In-charge- Ms. Nitin Hatwal   RAMAN HOUSE House Motto- Roots to Wings Captain-Swati Lohani Prefect- Abhipsa Malguri Teacher In charge-Ms. Smita Mohanty   TAGORE HOUSE House Motto- Divine Love & Unity Captain- Shrabhya Shukla Prefect- Dhriti Nautiyal Teacher In-charge- Ms. Ratna Sinha