The school provides well-equipped Computer laboratory featuring an adequate number of computers accessible to the students. The department has committed and well-qualified teachers who make a continuous effort to ensure that students get expertise in the practical implementation of devices which are a part of the curriculum.

The experimental foundation of theoretical concepts and relationships introduced in the lecture that is a part of the course are provided to familiarize the students with the scientific methods and how these ideas originated. The students make careful experimental observations and draw conclusions. Following laboratory facilities are provided to the students:

  • Computer Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • SST Lab

Music / Dance

At The Indian Academy, music and dance are believed to be the expression of art. We focus on the basic lessons of music and dance. The curriculum lays emphasis on teaching basic notes of vocal music and instrumental music. All forms of dance both Indian and western, like Indian contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz etc are introduced to the students.

The school offers well-equipped music & dance rooms which contain a variety of instruments and facilities allowing the students to display their talent and learn how to play musical instruments. The students have participated in various inter-school music and dance competitions and have made the school proud. The teachers are well qualified and experienced in their fields of music and dance and make the best effort to enhance the learning of the students.

Craft Room

Art and craft is an essential part of a child’s learning and living. The school provides a separate appealing craft room which gives opportunities to students for developing artistic interests and also to exhibit their imagination and creativity. A variety of paintings like oil, glass, block and different kinds of Rangoli as well as any kind of craft work is taught to the students.

Learning these arts from an experienced individual enriches the lives of the students in their school years as well as for later in their lives. Working hands-on materials and techniques develop skills and abilities in this area and help the students to understand the importance of creativity and imagination. This activity allows the students to explore and experiment with their innovation.

The students also actively take part in the preparations and decorations of events organized in the school.


“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”

The school library has a collection of sources of information for the students and the teachers. It has a well-stocked library for the students of all age groups. The students are encouraged to read books apart from the course material to enhance their imagination. It also holds the material relevant (reference books) to the courses offered to serve the students and the teachers and boost their knowledge. The library has subscribed to the journals and various magazines and provides newspapers and newsletters to the students.

Safety and security

The school building is well equipped with fire safety measures and equipment. Each building is under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. The school ensures a secured entrance which prevents unauthorized entry with guards at duty 24/7 at each entrance. On no account, the school gate is without being manned by a security guard. Arrival and dismissal of teachers are very well taken care of by introducing a biometric system. The students are restricted to leave the school premises without any prior permission and an exit pass from the higher authority. Visitors are not allowed to enter the premises without making an entry at the main entrance. The office allows visitors to enter the first entrance but the secondary entrance remains locked. Id cards are issued by the school authority to the staff members so that they are properly accounted for.

The students are made aware of and trained in security-related subjects by organizing various workshops and conducting drills for them to imbibe a consciousness that causes them to be alert at all times. Only the parent or someone duly assigned is allowed to pick up a student from the school.


Well, being of our students is of supreme importance. The school infirmary is well equipped with all necessary facilities to address the immediate health needs while in school. Medical checkups of the students are regularly carried out and comprehensive records are maintained. If the child needs any special medical attention the parents are informed. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, the student will be shifted to the nearest hospital and parents are informed about the same.

Annual health check-ups are carried out by the school. Parents are requested not to send their ward to school in case of any infectious disease, to prevent it from spreading to other children.

Admin Block

The administrative block is nearest to the main entrance for the convenience of parents and visitors. It consists of spacious sitting accommodation for the visitors adjoining the Headmistresses office and the Accounts section.

It also has an inquiry and admission section, office for the superintendent and a fee counter. The Administrative block provides prompt services to the parents or outsiders who come for any queries. The admin team works meticulously and enthusiastically to support parents and school.

Smart classes

Over last few decades technology has changed our lives in certain ways. Smart class redefines the 21st-century education focusing on understanding the present and future education barriers and introducing solutions to these problems. Smart class education in school promotes new modes of learning and developing innovative solutions. It makes learning interesting and more effective. We at The Indian Academy provide a well equipped smart class for the students to break down the barriers of education and be they go an extra mile to grasp information that is way ahead of their course curriculum.

The smart class can extract the potential of best online resources in teaching and learning which improves the curiosity and creativity of students. The digital tools encourage transparency between the teachers and the students and help the students understand the topic better.