“All work and no play will make you sad and grey.” We believe that children perform better academically when they are physically fit.

The children of The Indian Academy are urged to actively participate in the sport of their choice which enhances their personality and allows them to trust their skills and make them strong enough to get through the future challenges. The school provides indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities and infrastructure for Chess, Carrom, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics, Cricket, Taekwondo and Yoga.

Our teams have participated in various Inter school, District and State level competitions and have made the school proud with their outstanding display of talent. The Annual Sport’s day is celebrated once in three years with a lot of zeal and felicity.

Music & Dance

Music is the essence of life and dance is a form of expressing one’s innermost feelings and emotions. It also restores joy & stability and eases the tensions in the lives.

We provide an opportunity for every child to experience ecstasy and rejuvenation. Music and dance are a part of the school curriculum which allows the students to showcase their interests and talents by participating in various Intra School and Inter-school competitions. These two arts also help in improving the student’s ability to cooperate and co-ordinate. They are given exposure to Indian classical and Western music and dance. The children not only learn to sing but also engage themselves in learning to play musical instruments like Harmonium, Casio, Tabla, Congo, Bongo and Drums. 

The Annual day performances of music and dance by the students every year leave the audience enthralled.

Art & Craft

“The current of creativity is like a river finding its sea. It always leads us to bigger waters.” Simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development. The scholars of The Indian Academy embrace creativity and enjoy exploring their imagination traversing a new adventure.

The school provides a remarkable Craft room and a professional mentor for the students to exhibit their creativity and innovation.

Clubs & Committees

The Indian Academy School sets high standards academically for our students but we also believe in providing great opportunities apart from the mundane classroom sessions. The school has encouraged the students along with the teachers to run various clubs and committees which interest the students and simultaneously contributes towards the society. They are given the chance to apply classroom learning to the outside world. The students perform various activities’ and build intellectual, responsible and magnificent personalities.

The students of TIA currently run the following mandatory committees recommended by the CBSE-

  • Committee for Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • Health and Wellness Committee
  • Committee for Child Abuse
  • Committee against Sexual Harassment
  • Committee for Social and Emotional Security
  • Committee for Cybersafety
  • Committee for Safety from Disaster
  • Grievance/Complaint Cell
  • School Cleanliness Ambassadors- Ms Anuradha Aswal(Teacher) and Master Abhishek Bhatt(Student)


Teachers Exchange Programme

The Indian Academy School organizes teachers’ exchange programmes for the middle and the senior school in collaboration with schools in Germany. In the past few years, teachers from esteemed German schools have visited us for several exchange programs. Each exchange programme is for a period of 3 months during which the ‘German Language’ is taught to the students by the German teacher. These teacher exchange programs, serve as cultural learning experiences for teachers and as a means for expanding and enriching an educator’s pedagogical expertise. It is an excellent way of educating the students as they get exposure to new styles of teaching and a global perspective.