19 May 2018


An investiture ceremony is an event where the newly appointed student council is delegated with the responsibilities and duties as the whole school entrusts faith and hope in them. The Indian Academy celebrated its 10th Investiture ceremony on 19th May 2018.

The ceremony commenced with the welcoming of the guests and a spectacular performance by the senior boys forming pyramids in the shape of mountains, a sunflower and temples. A very well synchronized March past by the school’s student council led by the Head of the student council Tanya Shukla, School Captain Jai Singh Chauhan and School Vice-Captain Atul Nautiyal.

They were followed by:

  1. Sports Captain Adarsh Gusain
  2. Sports prefect Skand Papnai
  3. Activity captain Pallavi Barmola
  4. Activity Prefect Gunjan Upreti
  5. Assembly Commander Ashish Mamgain
  6. Assembly Prefects Aryan Dobriyal and Anshul Negi
  7. Discipline Commander Nikita Bisht
  8. Discipline Prefects Astha Jain and Siddhi Bisht
  9. Language Reforming Commander Simran Semwal
  10. Language Reforming Prefect Arjit Chaudhary

The Houses were led by their Captains and Prefects-


Captain-Abhas Malguri

Prefect-Astha Khali 


Captain-Mishansha Bisht

Prefect- Agrima Chauhan 


Captain-Ashutosh Jaiswal

Prefect- Riya Mundepi 


Captain- Aditya Balodi

Prefect- Riya Bisht

The Student Council was bestowed with their badges. The duties and responsibilities of the student council were announced and the students took the oath for the betterment of the school. The speeches of the School Captain, Vice-Captain and Head of the council were delivered thereafter.

The ceremony concluded with the golden words of “Swami Vivekananda” by the principal Mrs Neelam Sharma. The most awaited track events started with much enthusiasm including 100 meters, 200-meter races and relay races of senior and junior boys and girls.

Inter-house Final Cricket Match (Junior) was played between Vivekananda and Subhash house. The match was an enthralling one with each team overpowering other where Vivekananda house managed to win by 1 run and 7 wickets. Further, Inter house Final Football Match (Senior) was played between Tagore and Subhash house. As a result, Subhash house won the match by 2-0 getting an advantage of a penalty shootout.

Prabhat Gusain of class 8 and Chinmay Khanduri of class 11 were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 500 each by The Director, The Indian Academy, for their outstanding performance in Cricket and football tournament respectively. All other winners were awarded prizes for their spectacular performance in the events and the ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the principal for the presence of all and the efforts of the in charges for making the event such a success. The ceremony culminated with the National anthem.

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