24 Nov 2020


The Indian Academy, Dehradun has created a niche for itself in the Mecca of education, Dehradun. The school has grown from strength to strength since its inception in the year 2009. The initial strength of 150 plus students, today, stands at 1600 plus. This miracle has been the result of the schools well planned and conscious efforts in delivering knowledge and educating with the method of learning by doing.

Every academic year of the school proves to be full of new ideas and concepts in the teaching-learning process. The junior section of the school, The Butterfly Wing tutors its students with theme and activity-based teaching and learning. The themes covered are Myself My Body, My Family, My School, Seasons, Good Habits and Manners, Vehicles, Our Helpers, Places of Worship and activities like Save Water, Nature Walk, Flower Day, Rain Dance, Earth Day, etc.

On the academic front, the students learn languages and Mathematical concepts and enhance their general awareness through games and activities. The students also participate in various competitions like recitation, elocution, fancy dress, storytelling, etc. All these curricular and co-curricular activities are helping educators to work dedicatedly towards providing holistic education.

The senior wing also doesn’t leave any stone unturned in working towards the all-round development of every student under its charge

Besides academics, the students prepare extensively for the assembly presentations. The assembly itself is an informal class that covers the chosen G.K topic each week, a thought with its explanation, both Hindi and English vocabulary words and their usage in sentences.

Various themes are enacted to observe and/ or to celebrate important international days like-the Thalassemia day, the Malaria Day, Mother’s Day, the Armed forces day, the U.N. day, the Earth Day, etc.

On the occasions of festivals, various creative competitions and activities are organized. The school also organizes several social service activities like the hand wash day in the neighborhood, a rally against addiction, street plays to demonstrate the importance of water and how to save it, cleanliness, corruption and how to counter it, etc.

The school has consistently held the record of excellent board results for classes X and XII every year.

In the 2018-19 session, 18-20% of the total students scored 95% and above and 30-32% of the total students scored 90% and above in classes X & XII.

The school enthusiastically participates in various inter-school competitions like debates, Essay writing, Declamation, Quiz, Dance, Singing, Drawing and Painting, Elocution, Crossword puzzles, Basketball, Football, Chess, etc in Vivekananda school, Drona International, Fylfot, Rama Krishna Mission, Scholar’s Home, Manav Bharti, Doon Bhawani and wins trophies and medals in different competitions.

The school also organizes workshops for career counseling, personal hygiene, etc for the benefit of the students for the teachers there are capacity-building workshops, class –management workshops, etc. The school organizes Parents Teacher meetings from time to time for the smooth functioning and maintains healthy relationships among parents, teachers, and staff of the school. Another objective is to promote the welfare of the students through these meetings.

Every Annual Function at The Indian Academy is a very special one. Whether an Exhibition, a Sports Day or a Cultural Programme every student participates in it and does a good job too.

For the academic year 2018-19, the school trained the students to put up a mesmerizing light and sound show which was in two parts. Vibrance for classes PG TO V and Navras for classes VI TO XII

The management of The Indian Academy, Dehradun, has taken a step forward to check migration from the hilly areas and has started a school at Karnaprayag, to provide quality education at Karnaprayag, Chamoli , Uttarakhand.



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