31 Dec 2021


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Yes, truly said, The Indian Academy adheres to this beautiful thought   in letter and spirit. Our focus on the multifaceted development of the students, guides us to organize a variety of activities  for  them, all through the academic year. Conforming to our tradition of teaching and  learning by doing, the school had organized several activities and competitions for the students in the year 2021.

In January both, the junior and the senior students celebrated the Republic Day (online). Videos of students presenting patriotic songs, poems, dances etc. were posted on all the student- class groups. Some of the students gave moving speeches on the occasion.

In February online Vasant Panchami celebrations were enjoyed by the students.

In March, the school celebrated Holi with colourful craft and art activities  a wide range of painting styles were used by the students for their art work- like – spray painting, thread painting, wax painting, marble painting etc.

The new academic session commenced in April with gusto despite  the covid- 19 scenario. We once again  carried on the journey offline for seniors and online for juniors. However, the second wave once again  turned it digital.

Both the students and the teachers being tech-savvy by now, we proposed to expand the horizons of our activities even if we were likely to dabble in both kinds of teaching – learning, online & offline. In the month of April, the junior school students were a part of the activity, ‘Thank you  Farmers’ which was organized on the occasion of Baisakhi, on the 13th of April. On 22nd April, the students presented dances and songs dedicated to the planet, Earth to celebrate the Earth Day. On the other hand, the senior students participated in a drawing/ art competition titled ‘ Let’s make the Earth a better place’. During the zesty month, a street play was prepared and presented by the students of class XII on the World Hemophilia Day, 17th April and on the occasion of the World Heritage Day, 18th April, a video was sent to the students which guided the young minds to take care of the rich cultural heritage of the country. The activity-packed month ended with the Hindi Calligraphy Competition for the junior students.

In the month of May,  the students prepared cards to convey their affectionate wishes to their beloved  mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The juniors prepared crowns for their mothers ( the Queens of their homes).

In the month of June, the seniors took part in  two competitions, ‘ Self – composed poem writing’ and ‘Poster- making’ on the occasion of the World Environment Day, 5th June. In the same month, the students enthusiastically shared their Yoga videos and posters on the World Yoga Day, 21st June.

In July, the juniors enjoyed the ‘ Monsoon vegetable printing’ and the ‘ Monsoon collage making’ activities. These were excellently executed online programmes and were thoroughly enjoyed by both – the teachers and the taught. In the same month, the sub – juniors participated in the English Recitation Competition and our cooperative parents once again stood by our side to execute it online successfully.

The seniors observed the Nature Conservation Day on 28th July and the English  teachers  motivated the students to write their ideas  regarding the  conservation  of  nature in the form of a paragraph. Other students  participated in – Drawing & Poster- Making   Competition. On the same day, the students were apprised about the World Hepatitis Day through an informative video. The students took part in another drawing and poster- making competition  that had the theme – ‘ Water –borne Diseases ‘. On 28th July, the Kargil Day was observed.

In August, the juniors were sent an interesting video about India and her struggle for independence. The little learners also enjoyed the Independence Day Celebration by participating in an online Fancy Dress Competition – in which they represented several freedom fighters. They also shared their wonderful videos of patriotic poem recitation, songs  and dances. Thereafter, they participated in the drawing and colouring activity themed- ‘The National Symbols of India’. As usual , the parents rose up to the occasion and helped the teachers to execute the programme successfully. In the same month, the little learners also enjoyed the Rakhi-Making activity and the Janamashtami celebration dressed as little Krishnas and Radhas. They also enjoyed the story of Lord Krishna which was shared with them in the form of an interesting video.

On the occasion of the Independence Day,  the senior students presented speeches ,thoughts and also participated in the drawing competition – ‘The India of My Dreams’. In the same month, the senior students participated in the ‘ Fire Safety Activity ‘ in the form of a special drawing and poster – making competition  with the theme – ‘Fire Prevention for Everyone/ Everywhere’. On 29th August, the students participated in  a Sports Quiz which was live for the participants  and  was streamed for the other students.

August also brought the declaration of the board results  for classes- X & XII. The school once again had a reason to celebrate as the students had passed their board classes with flying colours.

In September, the students flooded the online medium with some amazing  self prepared cards for their teachers. The teacher- pupil bond stood strong as ever- covid  – 19 could not dampen the lively spirits of both.

September is also the month wnen the school observes the ‘Cleanliness Fortnight’. During this period , the junior students learnt about garbage segregation, cleaning up one’s surroundings and planting more and more trees – through the videos that were meticulously prepared by their teachers. In addition to the cleanliness rules, the covid -19 protocol was once again  given to the students ,  using some play- way videos. The senior students participated in   Art, Poster-Making, Craft, Slogan-Writing, Essay/ Article writing Competitions. Besides these competitions,  activities like Cleanliness Pledge,  Hand-Wash Day,           Health & Hygiene Quiz, Baal- Sansad etc. were organized for the students to encourage  learning  by doing. On 16th September, the students observed the World Ozone Day and participated  in yet another poster making competition with the  theme – ‘ Save The Air Which is Up There’. On 21st September, the World Alzheimer Day was observed with the poems composed by the students themselves.

September  was also the month for the school to celebrate the country’s national language- Hindi. The students participated in myriad Hindi Activities like Puzzle Solving ( Paheliyan ), Hindi Quiz, Doha and Poem Recitation, Street Plays (Nukkad Natak ), Songs etc.

In October, the sub- junior students  enjoyed learning and reciting  ‘Bacchon Ki Ramayan ‘. The junior students learned and recited Chaupayees from the holy book – Ram Charit Manas. The senior students participated in Paragraph Writing Competition on the occasion of Gandhi – Shastri Jayanti.

Azadi Ka Amrut Utsav was also celebrated  side by side with the students participating in a variety of activities as directed by the cbse –  Paragraph –Writing, Azadi- Quiz, A Dialogue  on Azadi with Grandparents, Azadi Stories Telling  through Grandparents etc. The school executed these activities quite efficiently in order to make the students well versed with the Freedom Struggle of India.

November brought the festive air with itself and the students indulged in a variety of creative activities like- Diya- Making/ Decorating, Bandhanwar – Making, Rangoli – Making Competition, Lantern –Making etc. In the same month, on 9th November, the Uttarakhand Diwas was celebrated with online Uttarakhand folk dances by the junior  students and some fantastic posters and drawings by the senior students.

The Vigilance Awareness week was also observed with a Drawing and Poster- Making Competition. Teachers presented some touching speeches and poems lauding their students on the occasion of Children’s Day.

The year wrapped up in December with Christmas Craft- Creativity. The students prepared  their favourite Christmas souvenirs as directed by their teachers and learnt new things while having fun.

This way another year in the shadow of Covid -19 passed off but our spirits continued to soar. With an expectation and rays of optimism in the form of vaccine availability for young students, we hope and pray that the new year will free us all from the shackles of online- offline- online and all the classrooms will once again resonate with the laughter and unison of all of our learners. Let us keep these  positive thoughts safe forever.

“ We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think,

When the mind is pure , joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”