14 Jan 2020


The Indian Academy hosted the CBSE Building Programme on the subject Psychology on 14th and 15th January 2020.

The resource person for the session was Dr Neha Nakra (Psychologist and Psychometrician). The workshop was organised under the aegis of CBSE. The workshop aimed at enhancing the understanding of the subject Psychology and giving fruitful guidance to the teachers to update their methodology of teaching this subject. Nearly 20 teachers from Uttarakhand attended this session.

The inaugural session focused on a constructivist approach to teaching, introducing basic ideas, principles and methods in Psychology, Non –behavioural objectives and planning curriculum and assessment strategies. A thorough discussion about the topics and interactive activities were conducted by the resource person.

The second-day session was based on the question paper design of Psychology, Project work, experimentation and the specialisation of psychologists in different areas.

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lively interactions on various aspects of Psychology and everyone gained valuable inputs given by the resource person. The school Principal Ms Neelam Sharma cordially thanked the resource person for her commendable effort in giving a rejuvenated insight into various facets of Psychology. The workshop indeed proved beneficial for the teachers making them more confident and providing a broad vision on the importance of this subject.