21 Apr 2018


The Indian Academy organized a seminar on food safety to make its students aware of the safety of food and the kind of nutrients essential for growth.

Mr Vinay Dyani, Transmission Executive, All India Radio delivered his speech along with a few examples of food safety. The use of hazardous substance used in the street food which children enjoy eating these days was one of the major points for discussion. During his session, he also informed the students about a children’s program on All India radio and encouraged the students to showcase their talent on that great platform.

Thereafter, Mr Yogendra Pandey a Food Safety Officer gave brief but very valuable information regarding the adulterated food items.


The Major points that were duly covered by the guests were:

  1. You are what you eat. Select your meal smartly: Healthy or Unhealthy
  2. Why do we need food safety?
  3. Why does food become unsafe?
  4. Food safety or Safe food?
  5. Consequences of ignoring food safety
  6. Storage of raw materials
  7. Storage of cooked food
  8. Personal hygiene
  9. Benefits of food safety

Ms Sushmita addressed the audience with an insightful story of Swami Vivekanand, Mr Ramesh Joshi recited a self-written Hindi poem on Adulteration which was liked by all. The seminar was appreciated by all and the students recommended initiating more such sessions in the future.

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