22 Jul 2017


The School took an initiative to educate and make the students aware about their special stage of life i.e. ‘Adolescence.’ The workshop was organized for the students in the middle school as they are to enter this stage of life soon. The resource person for the workshop was the Principal of The Indian Academy Mrs Neelam Sharma. She delivered her speech and presented a slide show resplendent with various interesting examples and facts about the same. Examples like the growth of a baby plant, an infant, Rotation of the earth and nature were discussed during the speech.

An activity was conducted thereafter, displaying the understanding of the students for this particular topic. The students worked in a group and appointed a group leader amongst them; this not only helped them in understanding the topic solely but also demonstrated before them the importance of working as a team, “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

The session was an interactive and informative one where each child was a part of the activity and certainly learned something that day.