04 May 2017


In this digital Era, the means of education has evolved over the years. Earlier the only sources of information were books; however, today digitalization has taken over. To keep abreast of standards of the times, The Indian Academy organized a one day workshop for the teachers on the Effective use of Smart classes.

The objective of the workshop was to address the problems and queries of the teachers regarding the operation of the smart classes. Mr Manu Sidhant a representative of Educomp explained the twelve applications of operating the smart class like, animation, assessment, teaching ideas, MCQs, graphic organizer, real-life application, web link, smart class community, topic synopsis, and worksheet and so on. Another objective of this workshop was to help new teachers get accustomed to the operating of the Smart classes and utilize the means in its best possible manner to enhance the knowledge of the students and create interest for the various topics.

Mr Sidhant was very clear and precise with his instructions and information in the time period allotted for the workshop. A few applications explained by him to assess the students while managing to complete the course timely were the most valuable aspects of this workshop.