18 May 2018


The safety of our students is of utmost concern and educating and preparing our students for fire safety is our priority. The school conducts expected and unexpected fire drills during school hours. Apart from this, we took the initiative to educate the students and give them a few tips to save them during an emergency situation.

The school organized a workshop on “Fire safety and tips.” Mr Manish Pant a fireman was welcomed by the school authorities and was introduced to the students. He took the charge of the workshop from then on. He started with his introduction and included the services that he offers during a fire hazard in his speech. It was an interactive session where he started with a few questions and told some facts about fire and safety. Mr Pant explained the students about different types of fire-

(A)Fire from solid fuel

(B)Fire from liquid fuel

(D)Fire from gaseous fuel

(E)Fire due to the electric short circuit

The students were informed and shown different kinds of extinguishers. Mr Deepak Butola a fireman demonstrated the usage of the fire extinguisher. He engaged the students by narrating a story related to fire incidents which captured the attention of the children. The fireman offered to organize a mock drill of evacuation in the school. The workshop came to an end with the presenting of momentos as a token of gratitude to the resource persons.