08 Feb 2017


The senior school organized a workshop on “Preventing cybercrime.” The foremost topic of discussion was “Cybercrime and social networking sites.” Inspector Bharat Singh Cybercrime officer and Mr Vinod Chaurasia were invited to the school campus to conduct the workshop. He informed the students about the usage of technology with security. Mr Vinod Chaurasia explained to the students how a crime unknowingly shifts one from legal grounds to illegal grounds. The following key points were told to the students:

  1. Harassment via emails
  2. Cyberstalking
  3. Dissemination of obscene material
  4. False Statements
  5. Hacking/Cracking
  6. Indecent/ Objectionable messages

He further described how these crimes are subcategorized-

  1. Against Organization
    1. Hacking
    2. Possession of unauthorized information
    3. Cyber terrorism against government
    4. Distribution of Pirated software
  2. Against Society
    1. Pornography
    2. Polluting the youth through indecent exposure
    3. Trafficking

They further explained the dos and don’ts of using social media sites like Facebook. A summary of the session was clubbed in a video and shown to the students, which proved to be very effective in retaining the crucial points that were discussed in the workshop.

It was an extremely informative session. The students were keen to learn and actively participated in the discussion followed by a question-answer session where the resource person tried to satisfy the students by answering their questions appropriately.