On the first day we celebrated it by explaining the thought given by Dr C.V .Raman “success comes to by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you”
Along with the thought explanation, everyday an audio on Indian scientist and their achievements prepared by our students was sent in all the class groups of our school. Science teachers also delivered amazing facts, science news and two inventions every day to the students in their respective classes. On the last day of the science week that is 28th February 2022, a speech on national science day in the form of audio was sent in all the groups which was prepared by our student Anushka kandari of class X.
On 28th February we organised a quiz competition for classes 6 to 8. Participants were divided into four teams .i.e.Team Newton,Team Edison,Team Galileo,Team Hawking. Each team comprised of three members. Team Hawking won the competition and the name of the participants of the winning team were;

1. Ananya Negi-8th class
2. Shreya Badoni-7th
3. AashnaThapliyal-6th class.

Winners were awarded by the principal with the prize and certificates.